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KwikAlat is like magic for quick and secure payments. Picture paying for eateries, buses, snacks, or small shops in 30 seconds or less! KwikAlat works on any phone, and it's crazy cheap for traders/small businesses -- 2 times cheaper than your regular POS. No monthly charges, no upfront fees, no hidden fees.

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About KwikAlat

KwikAlat is an alternative-to-cash patented A2A system that enables lightning-fast payments for buses, kiosks, eateries, and restaurants and other small businesses in 30 seconds or less. KwikAlat is more reliable than your regular POS providing instant realtime payment confirmations at less than half of the cost.

As a member, you get to build up your financial profile and that means being able to access loans and credits based on your business performance data and more. No need to let cash and technology be the barrier to growing your business anymore. Join KwikAlat today and unlock the unlimited world of financial technology and access.


KwikAlat is packed with multiple features to provide reliable payment processing at any time of the day.


This is the primary feature on KwikAlat. Generate KwikCash codes to transact with anyone in less than 30s via USSD, SMS or the KwikAlat App.


Use the KWIK POS Kiosk mode to offer a modern and seamless scan and pay experience for your customers.

Wallet Codes

Generate time and amount bound codes to make it easy for your loved ones to access funds in a predictable fashion.

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How It Works

How to register as a merchant

Setup account

Set up your account with a picture of yourself or with the help of an agent

Start receiving money

Now you can transact with anyone with a KwikAlat app and build your credit profile.

Access your funds

Easily access or withdraw your funds through a bank account or KwikAlat agent at anytime

What Users Say

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Joseph O.

My first reaction to KwikAlat was Wow is that it. It's just so fast and different it takes some getting used to. But once you get used to it, there's simply no going back. You want to use it with everyone else.

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