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Empowering Seamless and Secure A2A Payments

Unlock a new era of instant digital transactions with KwikAlat, your premier partner for cutting-edge Account-to-Account (A2A) payments. Transforming the way you move money, KwikAlat ensures a swift, secure, and hassle-free experience for banks, merchants, Fintechs, and users. Powering the next wave of financial access.

Kwikalat Payments


Our mission is to shake up how money moves in Africa and other potential regions. KwikAlat offers patented A2A payments infrastructure for emerging markets to power inclusive and instant payments. 

At KwikAlat, we're reshaping the landscape of digital finance. Discover our story, vision, mission, and the team driving the innovation. Learn why KwikAlat is not just a platform but a revolution in A2A payments.

Why KwikAlat?

A2A Payments - Deploy our complete A2A payments infrastructure to empower your customers

We act as a secure trustee for the entire transaction process.

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Security First

Our number one goal is security - as one of the primary issues haunting cards is fraud.

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Our second goal is efficiency. In the same way a smartphone today is more powerful than a PC in 2003, we combine smart algorithms with the latest technologies to develop cost-effective infrastructure to power real-time payments at speed and convenience.

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Lowest Cost

High card costs have bedeviled micropayments, largely restricting African financial access and growth. A2A technology is disrupting this, and KwikAlat’s A2A infrastructure is designed to reduce transaction fees to as low as $0.0002 per transaction, saving infrastructure costs for the bank.

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Fast and flexible deployment to get you started in no time. No integration fees.

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Secure Real-time Tokenization

KwikAlat offers a top-tier secure A2A QR-compatible token Platform for banks to equip their customers with a state-of-the-art, cheap, real-time, and alternative-to-cash payment solution.

pos terminal

Virtual Terminal

We offer an account tokenization SDK to enable your customers to make in-person payments securely and conveniently.



Banks & Telcos

Banks and Telcos can use our product as a white-label solution to power A2A payments for their customers and clients.



Merchants can work with our partners (Fintech companies and banks) or directly with us to enable low-cost and fast mobile payments for their customers.



Fintech companies can leverage our solution to include A2A payments as a core payment method for their customers.


Payment Providers

Pay by Bank could unlock growth for you and your customers.



We recognise the pivotal role governments play in the economic landscape. Our pioneering switching software is designed to adapt and empower government transactions, bringing efficiency, transparency, security, and insight at the forefront.

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